Classic Hollywood advice on being graceful

I’m a woman of very few words, but lots of action.
+ Mae West

Dreams don’t come true without action and they’re not something to wait upon hazily as though they’re a far away fantasy destined to come to you in the future if you wait. Don’t let fear stop you from starting something. Let go of those thoughts that keep you tied to your chair thinking that ‘it will happen someday’. Take action, start now and don’t let anything stop you from doing things for yourself. You might want to open up an online store, start a blog or learn a new¬†skill. Whatever it is, remember that you are responsible for the outcome of every day of your life.

Be yourself. The world worships the original.
+ Ingrid Bergman

This one isn’t rocket science. Be yourself to the truest form you know. The world is already saturated enough with carbon copies of people trying to be someone else and comparing yourself to others more¬†successful will only set you up for failure. Take inspiration from where you need and then fuse it with your inner being and personality to find that uniqueness. It doesn’t take research and science to create your uniqueness, because all you need is -you-.

The best revenge is massive success.
+ Frank Sinatra

This is my absolute favourite quote. Be nice and work hard. Do not make enemies to trifle with, and do not waste your efforts having vengeance for others. Instead, pour your efforts, mind and soul into being a good person and working hard towards your goals. No revenge is sweeter than living well, and letting those narrow-minded people from your past see you as truly happy.